About Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) is an approach to therapy that’s based on the mind and body being intimately connected and interdependent. We use physical postures and supports and listen to the body as a way of tuning in to what’s happening in the present moment. If you’ve ever practiced a more meditative style of yoga or had an emotional release of some kind while doing yoga, this is similar with the addition that it’s an intentionally therapeutic approach.

Many people notice that when they begin the physical practice of yoga (asana practice), they experience a calming of the mind or a subtle shift in awareness. Even as we step onto a yoga mat, we move from the noisy outer world to a quieter, more peaceful setting. Soon, our mental state seems to settle down as we train our attention on the breath and the body. What’s really happening here is quite simple — we bring our awareness to the present moment, neither reliving the past nor projecting into the future. We are simply being present to what’s happening now.

In a Phoenix Rising Session, we use movement, breath, and supported postures to access that peaceful and present state of mind with the support of a practitioner. The role of the practitioner is primarily to create a safe space in which the client can speak freely about any thoughts, emotions, sensations or other experiences. The practitioner does not ask leading questions but rather facilitates self-reflection and exploration with simple dialog such as, “What’s happening now?” and “Tell me more.” The client is then welcome to express anything they wish.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapists do not diagnose diseases or disorders, nor do we prescribe medications, exercises or spiritual practices. We do not aim to “fix” anyone. Many clients find that given the opportunity to reflect in the supported environment of the session, they are able to access their own intrinsic wisdom. The insights we find by looking within ourselves are often simple yet profound truths that we’ve known on a deep level, though we may be seeing them clearly for the first time. Finally, at the end of the session, the practitioner provides an opportunity for the client to sum up what they would like to take from the day’s session and, if appropriate, to choose a goal, intention or follow-up action that would help lead toward the type of change the client wishes to see in their life. Many clients find that a single session can be a powerful catalyst for change. A series of sessions can be wonderfully supportive for individuals pursuing longer-term goals, and as with other forms of therapy, periodic “maintenance” visits can be an excellent form of ongoing self-care.

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